Opening Up Your Home: When a Garage Door Is Not Just for the Garage

If you've ever needed a new garage door, or repairs to your existing one, you generally just show the workers to the garage and leave them to it. But what about utilising the benefits of garage doors in other parts of your home? A garage door is essentially a wall that opens, and this can be utterly transformative when used in your living areas. A specially installed garage door can result in a unique mix of indoor and outdoor living space—one that blurs the boundaries between the interior and exterior of your home in a truly original use of space. Read More 

4 Simple–But Often Overlooked–Tips for Increasing Security Around a Garage

A garage is a very vulnerable point for thieves, and attached garages are a favorite entry point for intruders. This is because a thief or intruder can slip into your garage and be hidden away from neighbors, and they can easily steal something out of the garage itself and be gone before you even realize someone is on your property. Note the following four simple but often overlooked tips for increasing security around a garage on your property. Read More 

Why You Should Consider Roller Doors Over Other Garage Doors

The garage door is the largest door for most homes, unless you have a gate of course. It also houses cars, which are some of the most valuable possessions in most households. For these reasons, it's crucial to get only the best alternative when looking to cover up your garage. Unlike other alternatives such as sectional doors, roller doors cater to these considerations and more, making them the perfect doors for your garage. Read More