Why You Should Consider Roller Doors Over Other Garage Doors

The garage door is the largest door for most homes, unless you have a gate of course. It also houses cars, which are some of the most valuable possessions in most households. For these reasons, it's crucial to get only the best alternative when looking to cover up your garage. Unlike other alternatives such as sectional doors, roller doors cater to these considerations and more, making them the perfect doors for your garage. Here's why.

Roller doors are robust

Safety takes priority when looking for a garage door. Unlike sectional doors that are made of wood, roller doors are made of aluminum or steel plates. They are more robust and offer a better defense against intruders. They are also fire resistant, unlike wood doors that easily burn. Another thing you need to note about roller doors is that they are made of of metallic slats joined together. That feature also aids in security because, upon impact, your roller door simply wobbles slightly instead of breaking or cracking. This means in case you accidentally hit your door, in person or with your car, your roller garage door will still survive, and you won't have to get a new one or seek expensive repairs.

Takes up little space

As much as you want a great door for your garage, you don't want to sacrifice space in return. All it takes to have a roller door in your garage is a steel framing and a metal casing above the frame to hold the door when open. The latter is not even a must. Other garage doors require more space to function. Up-and-over doors, for example, need a minimum of thirty centimetres of vertical ceiling space to just hold the open door panel. Sectional doors need an equivalent space to hold the door and the motor operating it, if any. This is valuable space that you can use for storage should you choose to install a roller door.

Don't need automation

Most people automate garage doors by fitting a motor. However, if you have a roller door, you are not bound to this requirement. Unlike sectional doors, roller doors are operated by a spring suspension. This means when opening or closing, the suspension 'helps' you by naturally retracting, thus requiring little effort to operate. You therefore do not have to get a motor if you have a roller door. However, automating your roller door is still a good idea for the sake of remote operation so that you can open it while inside your car.

Need a roller door? Look for garage door manufacturers near you. Send them the measurements of your garage and get your custom roller door made just for you. For more information, contact a business such as 89 Enterprises.