Garage Doors: Simple and Friendly Buying and Repair Guide

A Handy Guide for First-Timers: Roller Garage Door Openers

You've renovated the garage with enough storage to comfortably prepare for the apocalypse, but now you're not sure if splurging for the garage door opener is a worthy investment. Determining factors like installation, maintenance and quite frankly, what a garage door roller is can leave a homeowner hesitant to even begin. To help make things as simple for you as possible read through this helpful guide before considering which type of garage door opener to purchase. Read More 

Why It Is Vital to Service Your Garage Door on a Regular Basis

A garage door is one of most conspicuously located moving components of the home, yet they do not often get the required level of attention when it comes to regular servicing. For many Australian home owners, a garage door is one of those house components that should only draw attention when a problem crops up. This wrongful perception is widespread because a lot of home owners in the country are oblivious to the importance of regular garage door service. Read More 

Tips For Choosing a New Garage Door Opener

If you are having issues with your garage door opener, it is a good time to upgrade to a new one. However, you don't just want to run out and get the first one you find. There are some decisions to make first. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right garage door opener. Know What Type of Drive You Want The first decision you need to make when it comes to choosing a garage door opener is deciding which drive is best for you. Read More 

Are You Sure It’s the Garage Door Motor That Needs Repair?

When your automatic garage door opener doesn't seem to work, it's easy to think that the motor must be burned out and needs replacing. This can certainly be true, but not always. Remember that the motor itself doesn't open the door; the motor just powers springs or cables that actually lift and lower the garage door. If these parts need fixing, the door may not work even though the motor is fine. Read More 

Is It Time for a New Automatic Door for Your Home’s Garage?

Your home's garage door shouldn't be overlooked when it needs repairs or even outright replacement. The garage door is very important to your home's curb appeal and the security of the garage. An old and rusted door can make your entire property seem drab and dull, and may be easy enough to pull off the tracks and out of place, allowing in intruders and thieves. Not every problem with a home's automatic door means it's time to get a new one, but sometimes the door or the opening mechanism is best if replaced altogether. Read More