Why You Should Convert Your Garage Door to Give You Pedestrian Access

If you live in a detached or ranch home and are like many Australians, you may always use the garage to enter and leave your property. Your kids will typically use this door as well if they want to play in the front yard, as their toys are usually stored in this place. With so much activity here, doesn't it make sense to upgrade your access and install a garage door that is fit for all purposes? Why should you think about upgrading your automatic garage door to include pedestrian access as well?

Improving Access

Nothing beats the efficiency and convenience of an automatic garage door. You can open and close from the comfort of your car, and this makes it easy to leave and return every day. Yet, if you want to work on the garden outside or let the kids play in the cul-de-sac, you may tend to leave the garage door open so that everyone can come back and forth. But if you go into the house during this time, it's not very secure, as other people can see everything in the garage and bad actors may seek to deprive you of some valuables.


Some garages do have an existing pedestrian door, but it is usually around the side of the building and can be awkward to reach. Busy homeowners may also store tools and equipment around the side of the garage, making it difficult to use that door from a practical perspective.

Introducing the Wicket Door

In this case, think about getting a new automatic garage door that has a built-in pedestrian entrance. In some places, this is known as a "wicket" door, and when the main door is closed, it can open or close to allow you or your family to move through. It has its own lock and is very secure in its own right and, as it opens outwards, is difficult to penetrate. In other words, it can be very difficult for a criminal to gain access. They wouldn't be able to kick it open and would need to use a crowbar instead, in the full review of neighbours or passers-by.

Logical Sense

For many people, the kitchen is the logical point of access to the home. These days, few people use the more formal front entrance, especially if they can avoid carrying dirt onto the carpet inside. Therefore, it's better to make access through the garage and into the kitchen as easy as possible.

Getting More Information

Talk with a contractor to see what options for automatic pedestrian doors are available.