Why Have Your Garage Door Repaired Professionally?

If garage doors stop working, then it can be tempting to think that you have the skills to repair them yourself. However, even with a simple up-and-over style of garage door, the counterbalancing elements sometimes mean that DIY repairs are not as straightforward as you might have expected. As such, it is often a false economy to think that most garage door repairs can be conducted by anyone other than a professional. What are the benefits of professional garage door repairs? Read on to find out. 

  • Access to the Right Spares

Firstly, qualified garage door mechanics should have all of the common replacement parts that are needed for modern garage doors, such as chains, motors and springs. In many cases, they'll have the right spare part made by the particular door manufacturer, something that is particularly useful when automatic garage door repairs are being carried out. If you try to repair your own garage door, then you may have to stop halfway through the job to order spare parts even if you are able to identify which ones are needed.

  • Avoid Personal Injury

Without the right skills, garage door repairs can be dangerous. Belts that move garage doors from motors sometimes need to be under tension. The same goes for springs and other elements in their opening mechanisms. Attach these parts in an incorrect manner and they could injure you. In some cases, garage doors can close or fall down from above causing significant risks to personal safety, too.

  • Don't Invalidate Garage Door Motor Warranties

When it comes to garage motor repairs, anyone other than an approved repair operative may result in your warranty being invalidated. For this reason, trying to conduct a garage door repair by opening the motor up or breaking through seals simply isn't worth it in the majority of cases. Once a warranty has been invalidated, you may find that official repairers won't want to touch your unit at all and you'll end up needing to replace the motor mechanism entirely.

  • Keep Your Garage Secure

Finally, even if you are able to get your garage doors opening and closing again, it may well be the case that your garage is no longer secure as it once was following a DIY repair. If you keep valuable items in your garage, not least your car, then why skimp on a repair job by trying to do it yourself?

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