Opening Up Your Home: When a Garage Door Is Not Just for the Garage

If you've ever needed a new garage door, or repairs to your existing one, you generally just show the workers to the garage and leave them to it. But what about utilising the benefits of garage doors in other parts of your home? A garage door is essentially a wall that opens, and this can be utterly transformative when used in your living areas.

A specially installed garage door can result in a unique mix of indoor and outdoor living space—one that blurs the boundaries between the interior and exterior of your home in a truly original use of space. A number of homes and buildings have utilised garage doors as a way of opening a room to the glorious weather outside, and there's no reason why this rather simple concept can't be implemented in your existing home.

So what are some of the things you need to think about if you want to have a garage door in a room that isn't your garage?

Wall or Window?

Choose a wall in your living or family room that will open up on to your patio. Avoid choosing a wall that opens directly on to your lawn, since this can allow dirt and other debris to enter your home far more easily. Since your supplier will be installing a slightly modified garage door, you can of course have it in any colour, so it's not as though it won't match your home.

Remember that when closed, the new wall is entirely metal, so while it might match in terms of colour, its material will give it a different appearance to your other plaster walls. To truly utilise the concept, opt for a garage door made of glass, meaning that you will be getting a gigantic window that opens to the world outside. It's slightly more expensive than a conventional metal door, but is well worth it, and you're not left with an obviously metal wall when the door is closed.

Letting the Weather In (or Keeping It Out)

The whole point of this design feature is the ability to open an entire wall to let the sunshine and cool breezes inside. But what about when you need to keep nasty weather out?

Most garage doors don't entirely seal the garage when they're closed, and you've probably noticed a small amount of water when it's raining hard outside. This is really not an option for a garage door installed in other parts of your home, but is easy enough to overcome. Glass garage doors can be held in place with an aluminium grid system, meaning that when they're closed, they're closed tight. Additional rubber sealers can also be installed for added weather protection.

How Do You Actually Open It?

When driving in to your garage, you probably just press a button and your garage door opener takes care of the work. This is not really appropriate for a garage door in your living areas, since those openers aren't exactly quiet. There's also the less than pleasing aesthetics of having a garage door opener with its chain and motor stuck to the ceiling of your living room.

Garage door walls are best operated manually, so all that's needed is an unobtrusive metal track that will allow you to slide or flip the wall into the open position. Your installer might also be able to provide you with an opening mechanism that slides the wall open, without actually needing any visible tracks or assistance.

Garage doors don't have to be exclusively for the actual garage. Sure, they're essential for keeping your car safe, and yet they can also revolutionise your living space. Learn more about your options by consulting with local professionals such as All Coast Garage Doors.