Replacing Your Hinged Garage Doors? What Are the Options?

If you are ready to replace the hinged doors of your garage, then there are a number of different options you could go for. Although a simple pair of hinged doors on your garage is just about the simplest system you could have, there are plenty of reliable choices available to you, which mean that garage door repairs will be few and far between. If you are looking for a dependable system to replace your current hinged doors, then read on. 

Up-and-Over Doors

The up-and-over type of garage door is probably the most commonly installed in Australia these days. Unlike a pair of hinged doors, this type of garage door comes as a single unit. Therefore, opening and closing one takes half the time. What's more, an up-and-over door only extends out in front of the garage by a few centimetres as it opens and closes, which means that it is a much better option than hinged doors if you want to use the space in front of your garage. In addition, an up-and-over garage door uses a relatively simple mechanism to counterbalance it, so fitting one shouldn't cause you too much expenditure if you do happen to require a repair down the line.

Sideways-Operating Doors

Widely installed in North America, sideways-opening garage doors are now making their mark in the southern hemisphere, too, these days. This type of door comes as a set of vertically suspended panels that interlock with one another when the door is shut. However, when you open them, they spring apart from one another so they can roll up around a spindle, usually installed at the side. You need to have enough space in your garage to accommodate the door as it rolls up on itself, which means that this version tends to be popular for double garages. This a good option if you want an automatic door.

Roller Shutters

Although you tend to see them fitted in industrial estates rather than domestic properties, roller shutters are a very good option if you want to make your garage more secure. Often made from durable materials, like steel or aluminium, the slats of a roller shutter form an almost impenetrable barrier when they are dropped down. Even better for garage owners without much space to play with, they do not extend out in front of the garage at all when they are raised and lowered. What's more, they roll up on themselves above head height so they take up very little room inside.