A Handy Guide for First-Timers: Roller Garage Door Openers

You've renovated the garage with enough storage to comfortably prepare for the apocalypse, but now you're not sure if splurging for the garage door opener is a worthy investment. Determining factors like installation, maintenance and quite frankly, what a garage door roller is can leave a homeowner hesitant to even begin. To help make things as simple for you as possible read through this helpful guide before considering which type of garage door opener to purchase.  

There are five types of garage door openers: side-hinged, canopy, sectional, retractable, and roller. To simplify further, we will focus on roller garage door openers. Though the pricier option of the five types of garage door openers, roller doors are the smartest investment. Start by considering the type of garage door roller you want for your garage door tracks.

There are three main types of garage door rollers. Although each provides the same outcome it is important to consider your needs, i.e. how quiet would you like the garage door to open? What is the shelf-life of the garage door opener and rollers? Here is a quick break down of the three main garage door rollers and how they can give your garage door success.


The most flexible type of roller that will ensure your garage door operates smoothly. Nylon garage door rollers ultimately reduce stress on your automatic opener while purring as quiet as a kitten. The lubrication groove in roller garage door openers allows for easy maintenance; simply lubricate as needed.


Plastic garage door rollers are the most economical choice, but only offer 2-3 years of consistent performance before they need to be replaced.


Steel garage door rollers are cheaper than nylon and a better quality choice. Best for high-moisture environments this 7 ball bearings steel garage door rollers should provide over 5 years of consistent performance. Steel garage door rollers will not be as quiet or run as smooth as nylon or plastic garage door rollers, but 7 ball bearings offer security and peace of mind for any consumer.

Once you have decided the type of garage door roller you want put your ear to the ground for discounts or sales, especially if your garage door needs unfold near enough to a major holiday. Do your due diligence on the best kind of garage door opener for you and make an educated choice. The safety and security of your home and the loved ones that reside within will thank you for it.