Garage Doors | Tips and Tricks for Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

Commercial garage doors go through a lot of use. They undergo the continual traffic of customers and employees repeatedly going through the commercial garage door all day and in all seasons. That's why you need to take proper care of the garage door before it begins to malfunction. Some preventative measures can be taken. That way, you're going to reduce your costs and enjoy the benefits of a long lasting door. Here are some of the best maintenance practices to keep your door functioning properly.

Tighten the hardware

Ensure that everything is tightened up. Remember, that door moves so many times a day, and all that movement coupled with the vibration from the moving door causes screws to loosen up. To prevent any future trouble, tighten the bolts and screws using a socket wrench. Check the roller brackets and ensure they are tight enough.

Check the balance

A door that isn't properly balanced causes the opener to work harder to open it. That means that its lifespan is going to be greatly reduced, as the door will use extra effort in performing regular tasks. This is particularly important if the garage door is opened in an up-down fashion.

Pull the release handle by disconnecting the opener. Afterwards, move the door halfway upwards and see what happens. If it doesn't remain still, then the counterweight system are improperly balanced. Seek professional help when dealing with garage door balancing. The springs that need to be tweaked can be very dangerous when you try to balance the door yourself.


Since there are some moving parts in your door, check them to ensure that they are working seamlessly. Greasing up these parts will ensure you enjoy very many additional years of smooth operation. White lithium grease is a good candidate for lubrication, and you can use it on the screw or chains. Also, remember to coat the overhead springs. The best part is that lubrication also reduces the noise coming from your garage door.

Check the tripping

Garage doors normally have seals to ensure that the elements are kept away. These seals are located at the bottom of the door so ensure you check that they are in their right condition. Look for any signs of cracking or wear and tear. If they are worn out, then purchase new ones. These seals are not so hard to come by; simply head to your hardware store and get the right size. Afterwards, insert the strips into the grooves of the door.