Why Every Home’s Garage Should Be Outfitted With a Roller Door

When you think of a roller door for a garage, you may automatically assume that these are used only for repair shops and in manufacturing facilities, but roller doors for a home's garage can offer many advantages for homeowners. Many garage door companies manufacture these specifically for use at a residential home, and they come in a wide variety of materials and designs to fit the overall look of your home. These designs keep them from looking industrial and plain. If you've never thought about installing a roller door for your home's garage, note a few of the advantages it may offer.

1. Space savings

Perhaps the best advantage of a roller door is its space savings. For one thing, the roller fits above the garage door opening rather than along the roof of the garage itself. This leaves this space open for adding overhead shelves for storage.

The roller door also does not kick out when opened. If your home has a very short driveway, this can be a good option. You can pull your car right up to the garage door and it won't need any clearance to open. Because the roller is positioned above the garage door opening, this also allows for maximum height clearance. If you drive a tall truck or regularly carry something on the roof of your car such as bikes or other sporting goods, you have less worry about hitting the garage door as you enter and exit.

This space saving can also be a safety feature for your home. If you have children playing in the driveway and someone inside the house opens the garage, you don't need to worry about the door kicking out and hitting someone.

2. Easier repairs

Roller doors need to be built in sections, as these sections fold as the door rolls up. This means that if someone were to hit the door or cause damage, you would only need to replace the one section that is dented or dinged rather than the entire door. Standard garage doors also put tremendous amounts of pressure on the track and springs as they are lifted and lowered so that these may eventually wear out. Roller doors have their weight dispersed along those sections as they roll up and into their housing. In turn, you may see fewer repairs to the components of the garage door when you choose a roller door as these sections won't pull on any track or spring as they operate. For more information, contact a business such as RSCS All Suburbs.