Maintain the Balance: How to Keep Your Home Attractive Yet Safe

Adding safety features to your home can sometimes make you feel as if you're living in a prison, as tall iron bars and large security cameras can seem downright imposing and anything but attractive and cozy. For homeowners who want to add safety and security to their home without compromising its appearance, there are several choices available to them. Note a few ways you might keep your home attractive while also keeping it safe.

1. Add security screens to the windows and doors

Standard window screens are very flimsy and easy to cut or pry open, and this is one reason that windows are a favorite entry point for thieves. They do nothing to protect you during the day when you want to keep the windows open or if you forget to close them when you leave for work.

Security screens are made of very thick metal that is virtually impossible to cut, and may even have keyed locks to keep them in place. They provide security when your windows are open during the day and add an extra layer of security against anyone who wants to break in at night when the windows themselves are closed.

Security doors work in the same way. They are thicker and more durable than standard screen doors and have keyed or heavy-duty locks, so they're very difficult to pry open. The bars can be fabricated into a mesh or other decorative design so they don't look like prison bars, making them attractive as well as secure.

2. Use spy cams

Rather than use over-sized security cameras that you might see in a store, use spy cams. These are very small cameras that are often placed in unobtrusive items, such as decorative rocks you place outside or a child's toy or bookend you put on a shelf. These cameras can be hooked up through your internet provider so that you can watch your home on a closed website when at the office or through your smartphone or tablet.

3. Install remote locks

Remote locks are connected to your smartphone or tablet through an internet signal. You can use an app to lock or unlock your doors and check on the home's security system to ensure the alarm is turned on, or even change the alarm code. This means your kids don't need to carry a house key with them if they arrive home from school before you come home from work, and you don't need to worry about forgetting to lock your home when on the road.  

Learn more about your options; contact local companies like Aus Secure.