Top Reasons to Install Flush-Mounted Roller Doors

Admittedly, roller doors have been around for decades; therefore, they are not something new in the market. That has not stopped the growth of roller doors' reputation as a sturdy, protective addition to main entryways in homes. Part of this can be attributed to the many designs available for homeowners to choose from. One such model is the flush-mounted roller doors. Also referred to as invisible roller shutters, flush-mounted roller doors are commonly found in modern home architecture. Why then should you ditch the traditional roller doors and go for the flush-mounted roller doors? Read on to find out.

Blends Well for Added Aesthetics

One thing with standard roller shutters is that they are installed as an aftermarket modification. Therefore, it can be challenging to get these roller shutters to blend well with a house's architecture as well as the overall outlook. However, with flush-mounted roller doors, you get a different experience. During construction or renovations, the doors are modified to fit the roller shutters, thereby making the walls and the door appear as one unit. Therefore, it allows you to choose roller doors that blend well with the external design of your home. For instance, if the walls have a brick pattern, you can easily install roller shutters with a similar pattern to make it appear like a long flat wall.

Extra Security

Many homeowners are beefing up security in their homes to avoid being burglarised, and roller doors are playing an integral role in this endeavour. That said, burglars will always try their luck, and they are not deterred by conspicuous roller doors. However, you do not have to worry about the problem with flush-mounted roller doors. Since the doors are designed to accommodate the roller doors as a unit, flush-mounted designs are invisible to the outside eye. The door design that hides your garage door in plain sight, and this goes a long way in deterring burglars.

Require Less Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, flush-mounted rollers are designed to fit entirely inside your door's frame or curtain. Therefore, during the construction stage, every single inch of space in the doorframe is well thought of to ensure the roller shutters are protected when not in use. It is not the same with traditional designs where certain parts of the roller shutters are exposed to external elements, consequently accelerating wear. With a flush-mounted roller shutter, you will cut down on maintenance since you do not have to worry about wear and tear to the parts.